ProCare Rehabilitation is widely regarded as a leading expert in the field of physical therapy. At ProCare, our goal is to return the patient to their normal daily activities at work, at home and at play as quickly as possible, fully functional and pain-free. We abide by the philosophy of treating not just the pain, but the dysfunction that causes the pain. We teach our patients the skills they need to manage their pain and limitations.

The physical therapists at ProCare have received extensive training in the evaluation and treatment methods of the spine and muscular skeletal system. These world-renowned methods include the McKenzie spine method and the Mulligan and McConnell joint care methods, as well as others. At ProCare, the combination of clinical expertise, genuine caring and a strong community reputation sets us apart and makes us the rehabilitation choice for doctors and patients alike.

"My pain is gone completely and I feel great. This is a fantastic alternative
to surgery, recovery and the months of rehab that would have followed."


"I am now a firm believer in the benefits of physical therapy."


"When I first started therapy, I could barely walk. Now,
I’ve gone back to all of my previous activities."


"What a wonderful experience I have had here at ProCare! I
would have never thought that therapy could make
such a difference."