Mission Statement

ProCare was founded in 1998 and has remained a Physical Therapist-owned company since its beginning. We have aimed to create a workplace and healthcare facility that takes pride in their community and serves its members. This mission has remained at the forefront and impacts daily decisions, including one of the most important: our hiring process.

At ProCare, our team forms the foundation to our success, and thus, we prioritize the selection of suitable individuals. We focus on understanding not only an individual's professional qualifications, but their character and core values as well. This approach has contributed to assembling our team of dedicated professionals, all passionately committed to providing exceptional care and service to our patients and local communities. Patients and employees remain the focal point of everything we do, the process we have put in place allows ProCare to continue growing in a direction that we are proud of and will continue our journey with the best interest of our patients at the front of our minds.


We prioritize the growth and development of our team members. Our mentorship program pairs new hires with experienced professionals, providing invaluable guidance, support, and knowledge sharing to foster your professional growth within the field of physical therapy.


We believe in fostering a supportive environment where every team member feels valued and encouraged. Our cohesive team is dedicated to not only delivering exceptional care to our clients but also supporting each other's professional and personal growth. You'll find a community that values teamwork, mutual respect, and camaraderie, making your work experience fulfilling and enjoyable.


We are committed to nurturing talent and fostering career progression. From ongoing training programs to leadership development initiatives, ProCare offers a clear path for advancement within the organization. We encourage and support your aspirations for growth, whether it's in clinical expertise, leadership roles, specialized certifications, or managerial positions.

Current Job Openings


    At ProCare Rehabilitation, our combination of clinical expertise, genuine caring and a strong community reputation sets us apart and makes us the rehabilitation choice for doctors and patients alike. And we achieve all of this in a fun, relaxed environment. The physical therapists at ProCare have received extensive training in the evaluation and treatment methods of the spine and muscular skeletal system. These world-renowned methods include the McKenzie spine method and the Mulligan and McConnell joint care methods, as well as others.

    Our local offices have received prestigious honors from the communities which we serve, including our Howell location that was recognized by The Howell Chamber of Commerce as The Business of the Year. Come on in and see why our communities love what we do.

    At this time, we are seeking a full time physical therapist to join our energetic, award winning New Jersey team. The position includes excellent opportunities for future advancements.

    New grads are encouraged to apply.

    We offer a competitive benefit package as well as continuing education with excellent opportunities for advancement.

    Workplace Setting:

    • Private Practice

    Job Type:

    • Full-time


    • Discussed during interview


    • 401(k)
    • 401(k) matching
    • Health insurance
    • Paid time off


    • Monday to Friday
    • No weekends



    Work Location:

    • In person