• I came to ProCare after receiving therapy at another center. I was in extreme pain and was losing hope that therapy would work and that I would need surgery. After speaking with Steve on the phone, he sounded confident he could help me and convinced me to give his approach a try. In my evaluation visit, he determined the problem with my neck and told me it would take a little time and effort, but that it would work as long as I did my exercises without fail. At the time I started at ProCare, I could not sleep, had a lot of pain in my neck, shoulder, arm, wrist and hand. Within 3 months my pain is gone completely and I feel great. This is a fantastic alternative to surgery, recovery and the months of rehab that would have followed. I am very grateful to everyone at ProCare. It made a huge difference for me.

    Michael Hanley

  • My problem was that I had headaches that were caused by my neck. We went to a doctor, but after an x-ray and a CT scan, they still weren’t able to help us. It was here at ProCare where they were able to see the problem with no difficulty. Better yet, they were able to get rid of the problem within a week. I want to thank everyone here at ProCare for doing an excellent job at helping me.

    Oliver Schmufelberger

  • This is my second visit with ProCare, once for a shoulder rehab and now total knee replacement. The staff at ProCare is just wonderful. They are just forceful enough to make you want to do the various exercises and improve yourself with every visit. They encourage you to do the follow-up exercises at home, stressing their importance. The staff is very supportive. They have great expertise in their field and are very compassionate people. I came from Cape May a second time because they are so great. Everyone from the PTs to the secretary and aides.

    Dolores Lorincz

  • I am now a firm believer in the benefits of physical therapy. I came to ProCare with severe sciatic pain and stiffness, just barely able to walk. Getting in and out of my car was excruciating. Within a week, just three visits, I was less stiff, and my pain was considerably reduced. Just six weeks later my pain is completely gone and I am able to walk and move comfortably. The staff at ProCare is friendly, efficient and most of all effective! Thank you so much for everything!

    MaryAnn Coughlin

  • After surgery on my foot, I came to ProCare to regain strength and range of motion. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. When I first started therapy, I could barely walk. Now, I’ve gone back to all of my previous activities. Thank you!

    Rachel Woodruff

  • I tore and separated ligaments in my right shoulder during a wrestling match. I had arthroscopic surgery in April 2005. I proceeded to have physical therapy for one and a half months. Less than 3 months after having surgery, I was cleared to play football and wrestle again. Thanks to the help and guidance of the professionals at ProCare, I was able to achieve this. Again, I thank them for all their help.

    Ryan Schoeb

  • What a wonderful experience I have had here at ProCare! I would have never thought that therapy could make such a difference. I have learned how to keep my back strong and prevent further problems. And met a wonderful group of people along the way. Your staff has been so great and such a pleasure. I’ll miss seeing all of you! Thank you for everything.

    Carol DiTaranto

  • I suffered for several months with lower back pain before I brought my problem to the attention of my family physician. My doctor recommended physical therapy and referred me to the professionals at ProCare Rehabilitation.

    Much to my surprise, I found myself looking forward to my workout sessions, and within six weeks, I enjoyed a drastic reduction in the severity of my pain.

    Thank you ProCare for all of your help. I want you to know I am continuing my exercise program at home and enjoying it.

    Gloria J. Loumé