About Us

About Us

ProCare Rehabilitation L.L.C. was founded in 1998 by Steven Parente, a Physical Therapist. Steve started the practice in Flemington, NJ, and has grown the practice to multiple locations with the help of his wife and his team of associates.

ProCare has always prided itself in being a physical therapist-owned and operated business. Each of ProCare’s locations is their town’s go-to “mom and pop” physical therapy office that carries only the best reputation.

Initially, ProCare specialized in orthopedic rehabilitation including Spine (neck and back) injuries, all injuries of the extremities as well as postoperative rehabilitation. However, ProCare has responded to the growing community needs and has expanded its practice to include the rehabilitation of Neurological Disorders, and Vestibular Rehabilitation over the past decade.

With the current healthcare climate trending towards big hospital systems and big corporate settings, ProCare has thrived because of its commitment to quality and personalized service.

At ProCare Rehabilitation, we are dedicated to quality care for our patients and quality education for our students. We are proud to partner with the following colleges and universities: